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Thanks for stopping by. There are no accidents in God’s Kingdom and neither is your reading this. If you’re interested in White Thoroughbreds, horse racing, jockeys, the Kentucky Derby, racing’s Golden Age or even fallen angels, prophetic thrillers and unusual love stories you’re in the right place.

I have lived an unusual life and only by the grace of God am I still alive.

Since coming to Christ in a jail cell in 1996, the Lord has led me down many ministry paths. A former jockey nearly killed by gangsters after a botched fixed race and addicted to crack cocaine, tens of thousands have either read my bio, “Ride The White Horse: A Checkered Jockey’s Story of Racing, Rage and Redemption,” or watched me relate it on TV and radio shows, blog casts, and in 45 prisons. It can be viewed below. I was a sexually abused youth who lived a bisexual lifestyle for seven years. But when I met Christ in a jail cell and saw God’s Shekinah Glory, Jesus restored me to the gender to which I was born.I went back to seminary in my 60s to earn a Doctorate in Ministry, which enabled me to teach on Healing from Sexual Abuse, something I have done in several score churches and prisons. A video of my training can be viewed below.

In recent years, the Lord has given me visions for the future that conform with the Bible. They can be seen on my popular end time prophecy YouTube channel, Eddie Donnally The Power of One. The Power of One is also the name of my weekly Christian TV Show, It airs Fridays at 8:30 p.m. EST on the easy downloadable app, Preach The Word. I believe that you in Jesus and Jesus in you is the power of one.

In what is truly a unique career path, I rode in some 12,000 Thoroughbred races; was an award-winning newspaper writer for the Dallas Morning News and a horse racing TV show host. Today, I am an ordained Foursquare Gospel minister, a former hospice chaplain and still work as a hospital chaplain. I helped start Jockeys and Jeans, which has raised over $2.6 million for jockeys who suffered career ending racing injuries.

Lasty, I am President of the 501 C3 non-profit Shine Ministries Inc. which accepts tax-deductible donations. The Donation Tab below can be used to purchase my books, support the air buy for my Christian TV show, help me produce free videos for Christian ministries and travel to prisons to share my story. Hundreds there have accepted Christ as Savior for the first time and hundreds have dedicated their lives to full time Christian Ministry.

You can also support the weekly outreach I lead to New Orleans famous Jackson Square.  It is the heart of the wonderful city, but a place filled with Fortune Tellers and Tarot Card, Palm and even Voodoo Bone Readers. The Sunday afternoon outreach has won souls to Christ, brought answered prayers for healing, and placed several of the homeless there in Christian rehab programs.

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About The Author

He is the only professional horse jockey to have won an Eclipse Award for Newspaper Writing and one who has been a television show producer, racing show host, certified fundraiser, ordained minister, and hospital and hospice chaplain. A jockey for 20-years, he rode in some 10,000 races at 54 tracks, winning an estimated 1,200. He was once indicted for sports bribery and left the Los Angeles Twin Towers jail to begin his ministry career at the Los Angeles Dream Center, where, in less than five years, he became a licensed Foursquare Minister.

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“Not because I desire a gift, but I desire fruit that may abound to your account.” Apostle Paul in Philippians 4:17

I believe that Jesus in you and you in Jesus is the power of one. Each week we depict the real, the raw, and the redemptive within the miracles of ministry. We produce and air features and interviews on organizations started by a singer person, a couple or small churches and then give that Christian ministry free of charge that video to use for their own promotional purposes.

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Thus far, the show’s subjects include noted pro life activist Abby Johnson, end time prophecy expert Derek Gilbert, who relates what every Christian should know about UFOs, and iconic Hall of Famer and former jockey and Christian evangelists, Pat Day. We also feature a miracle of deliverance inside a Healing House, The Salvation Saloon where you can sit on a bar stool at night and get sloshed and return the next morning and get saved, and Sleep in Heavenly Peace, a ministry started in a small church in Idaho that has built and delivered beds to over 100,000 children without them. All can be viewed Here.

Each show contains a call to accept Christ as Savior and many have been won to the Lord.

Ideas on new features are welcome at [email protected].

The Golden Altar
Selling Souls for a Horse with No Name
by Eddie Donnally
A once barred jockey battling addiction, the fledging female trainer he loves, and her criminal father race a mysterious, super-talented horse with no legal papers all the way to the Kentucky Derby while a crusading track detective is fixated on foiling their ringer scheme and putting them in jail.
The Golden Altar cover
The Golden Alter Review
“I couldn’t put this book down once I began reading it, and I doubt you’ll able to put it down, either, once you start turning the pages. THE GOLDEN ALTAR definitely belongs in the winner’s circle of horse racing’s finest works.”
(Former racing writer Jay Richards)
“I began reading your book last evening. I couldn’t put it down until I finished, which was just a few minutes ago. I just wanted to share with you how much I enjoyed it!!! The Golden Altar is another Winner.”
(Peggy K Goetsch)
“This is a great read – hard to put down! The race descriptions are so vivid, you can almost put yourself on the back of the horse.”
(Richard Love)
Doctrines of Demons cover
Doctrines of Demons
The New Age Dawns
by Eddie Donnally
A “fallen pastor” battles fallen angels. At stake are his reputation, sanity and far worse, innocents sacrificed in a rite that will return the demonic flying locust of Revelation and dawn the New Age of global mayhem
Doctrines of Demons Review
Ed Donnally is a phenomenal writer. Hopefully, it’s coming to a theater near you in the future to enjoy with a big bucket of popcorn. “Doctrines of Demons” is the story of a battle that is Apocalyptic on a macro level, but on a micro level, it’s a personal battle between the spirit and the flesh.
Movie Producer, Richard A Rossi
It took awhile for me to sit down and read this book, but once I did, I gulped it down within 2 days, being irritated any time I had to stop. (It) is written well enough that it developed a wonderful suspense/thriller movie in my thoughts. A movie in which I didn’t want to hit the pause button! I’d recommend this to anyone. Christian or not, you’ll enjoy yourself with this one.
Writer Brian Reynolds
A dark, gritty, supernatural thriller that tackles some heavy issues like drug addiction, prostitution, and abuse without shying into ambiguity. Clearly, Donnally handled the creation of his fallen pastor with deft purpose. It is remarkably easy to get swept up in Casey’s plight. Donnally knows how to bring his characters to life, and his skill of inserting real-life issues into fiction is undeniable. Though the book is heavily laden with ideas rooted in the Christian faith, it could very well be appealing as a cross-genre book for those interested in the idea of spiritual warfare Doctrines of Demons should appeal to eschatological Christians and paranormal readers alike.
Self-Publishing Review
An exciting read about biblical prophecy as told through a story with characters as a work of fiction. Eddie keeps the reader going back to scripture and relating to events foretold that are happening as we speak. Eddie writes a great read…Spent many an hour reading this tale of bible prophecy spun into a story of fiction. Enjoy!
Edward W. Steinmuelle
The book’s great strength was its character developments–all the main players on both sides were 3D and believable. . . The unexpected romance was tastefully explored, as was the growth of spiritual strength.
Gary Parker
I must say that it was a spell binder. The book posits that there are demons among us, ruled by an ancient dark power. I loved the characters who emerged, grew, and changed. There were sparks of humor periodically that momentarily broke the tension. The ending is intriguing, leaving me wanting to know where these characters go from here.
Joyce Leigh
Ride the White Horse
A Checkered Jockey’s Story of Racing, Rage & Redemption
by Eddie Donnally
Eddie Donnally dives onto the Florida Downs muddy track to celebrate the end of a season without injury. Yet diving into horse racing’s mud is symbolic of his 19-year jockey career until the Shekinah Glory lit up his jail cell.
Ride the White Horse cover
Ride The White Horse Trailer
Ride the White Horse Reviews
Eddie can flat out write. He relates a wrenching, no-holds-barred tale with the masterful stroke of one entirely at ease with words.
Mary Simon: Daily Racing Form.
. . . a powerful and attention-grabbing story.
Indie Reader
This is a raw and gripping story shared from the heart and it will keep you mesmerized to the end.
Lisa Perry
A fallen jockey’s raw ride to redemption; beautifully written and straight from the heart.
Sasscer Hill: The Sea Horse Trade.
WOW!! Although I have never been on a racehorse, I felt like I just got off one when I finished this book.
Jill Eden
Eddie Donnally takes his readers on the ride of a lifetime in his autobiography. The book left me gasping for air.
Southern cats ltdn
What a great piece of writing. I enjoyed reading this story of a man who lost his way in the fast-paced world of horse racing only to find his peace in a jail cell.
Edward Steinmueller
Whether you have a personal faith in Christ or not, you’ll find this a great read.
Brian Greener
“Years ago, Eddie Donnally and I shared a prestigious turf-writing award. Now Eddie’s sharing a riveting, brass-knuckles story that not even some of his closest friends knew. Hollywood, pay attention. And don’t worry about the inspirational happy ending getting in the way.”
Bill Christine: Eclipse Award-winning former writer for the Los Angeles Times
“Ride the White Horse” is enormously entertaining. It is a well-written treatment of a fascinating subject, touching on all the highs and not avoiding any of the lows. Eddie Donnally is clearly a man who can talk the talk. That’s because he has definitely walked the walk.
W. Cotran, “Cot” Campbell: President Dogwood Stables, Thoroughbred racing partnership pioneer and author of, “Memoirs of a Longshot, Lightning in a Bottle,” and “Rascals and Racehorses.”
“Your inspirational story should be a must read for those who are suffering from some form of addiction and believe salvation is impossible.”
Dan Mearns: Former Managing Editor, Blood-Horse Magazine and Thoroughbred Times and author of,” Seattle Slew, Racing’s Only Undefeated Triple Crown Winner.”
Donnally depicts a dark and sometimes frightening journey that leads ultimately to an affirmation of life.
Paul Moran: Former journalist for Newsday and two-time winner of the Eclipse Award for newspaper writing.