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Read his personal testimony here.  https://eddonnally.com/chained-to-a-miracle/

Because of the many donations, prayers and a move of the Holy Spirit, the Break Every Chain Crusade was an outstanding success. This short video tells the story of my sharing the incredible story of what the Lord has done in my life inside 30 Texas prisons to some 3,800 offenders.

About the Author

Eddie Donnally

Thanks for stopping by. There are no accidents in God’s Kingdom and neither is your reading this. If you’re interested in White Thoroughbreds, horse racing, jockeys, the Kentucky Derby, racing’s Golden Age or even fallen angels, prophetic thrillers and unusual love stories you’re in the right place.

The book’s themes are eclectic but so is my life. As a former jockey, award-winning newspaper writer and published author, horse racing TV show host, an ordained minister with a doctorate and now a hospital and hospice chaplain I’ve had a unique career path.

Your comments, thoughts, questions, and hopes and dreams are important to me. I promise to reply and, if requested, pray. If you leave comments and basic contact info, I’ll also send my new blog posts and quarterly newsletter. For me, getting my books to readers and communicating with them is a ministry. I believe God wanted me to write them and share them. And take it from one who has been on both sides of the Jordan; God is never dull and always inspiring.

Eddie is producing and hosting a new national TV show that airs at 1:00 on Saturdays, Eastern Time on Preach the Word Worldwide Network. He searches for the real, the raw and the redemptive as he airs features on outstanding small church ministries and singles and couples who have joined God’s End Time Army to take the Christ’s Gospel and love in action to unusual places in unusual ways.

He searches for those ministries which are rarely, if ever, given a national platform and welcomes suggestions at eddonnally@gmail.com. Recent shows have featured The Salvation Saloon, Disaster Chaplaincy, and Human Trafficking, in which he interviewed two young survivors.

To watch live Saturday’s at 1:00 p.m. go to https://www.preachthewordnetworktv.com/livetv or learn how to watch otherwise at https://www.preachthewordnetworktv.com/. You can download the Preach the Word app from your phone App Store.

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For a donation of $10 or more Eddie will send you a personally autographed copy of his popular bio, “Ride the White Horse” anywhere in the US.

Eddie Donnally has lived a most unusual life.

    He is the only professional horse jockey to have won an Eclipse Award for Newspaper Writing and one who has been a television show producer, racing show host, certified fundraiser, ordained minister, and hospital and hospice chaplain. A jockey for 20-years, he rode in some 10,000 races at 54 tracks, winning an estimated 1,200. He was once indicted for sports bribery and left the Los Angeles Twin Towers jail to begin his ministry career at the Los Angeles Dream Center, where, in less than five years, he became a licensed Foursquare Minister.

    A former journalist at the “Dallas Morning News”, he’s published over 100 articles in other newspapers and magazines, was an Associate Pastor at two Los Angeles Foursquare Churches and is an endorsed chaplain. Active in disaster response, he recently led a team of 15 responders to provide spiritual care to victims of Hurricane Sandy. He served as Director of Development for the Race Track Chaplaincy of America for eight years. There, he founded the “White Horse Award,” given each year during Breeders’ Cup week to an underserved racing hero. He earned a Certificate in Fund Raising from UCLA and holds a Doctorate of Ministry.

    His story has been published in magazines, discussed on radio shows and featured on “The 700 Club.” He is a frequent speaker in churches, recovery conferences, and rehab centers. He shares his life as a checkered jockey, his sibling sexual trauma, and battles with a crack cocaine addiction and same-sex promiscuity, and the supernatural jail cell miracle that put him in full-time ministry for 17-years. Ordained and endorsed as a chaplain by the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, he is active in disaster response, providing spiritual care following the earthquake in Haiti, tornados in Northern Alabama and Joplin MS, and more recently on Staten Island following Superstorm Sandy. He and his wife Sandi live in Clearwater Florida where he ministers as a hospice and hospital chaplain.

Above the first video of me and my wife Sandy on the Bay Focus Show.

Rev. Dr. Eddie Donnally and his wife Sandi appear on Christian Television Network’s “Bay Focus Show” (Feb. 12, 2020)

Click the video below to see Rev. Dr. Eddie Donnally featured on Christian Television Network’s ‘The Good Life” (Nov. 2018)


The Golden Altar

Selling Souls for a Horse with No Name

by Eddie Donnally

A once barred jockey battling addiction, the fledging female trainer he loves, and her criminal father race a mysterious, super-talented horse with no legal papers all the way to the Kentucky Derby while a crusading track detective is fixated on foiling their ringer scheme and putting them in jail.

Horse racing’s Golden Age decade produced three Triple Crown winners. But for some, the gold lay at the betting windows. Mining it is a small-time horse owner with a criminal mind; his daughter, an ambitious and rare female trainer; and a once barred jockey battling addiction and obsessed with a second chance at the Kentucky Derby, a race he should have won. All are willing to sacrifice their careers, safety and souls on racing’s Golden Altar to win the hallowed race with a horse who doesn’t officially exist.

But is owner Gene Palachi cagey enough to fool a track detective fixated on arresting all in the ringer scheme? Is trainer Kat Palachi willing to risk the safety of the horse she raised from birth? Is jockey Mickey Walker, whose love for Kat matches the redemption only found in a Derby win, willing to risk that love and his own life? And is Stormy, a mysterious but talented orphan born in a storm with no known sire, good enough or sound enough to run in, much less win, the world’s most storied race? And how did he come to be?

It’s 1972 at Churchill Downs; and greed, glory, redemption, and lasting love all ride on the back of a horse with no name.

The Golden Altar Front Cover

A Personally Autographed Copy

If you use the button at right to order, I will send you a personally autographed copy of ‘The Golden Altar’ to you for any donation of $15.00 or more and will donate all over $10.00 (my costs) to the Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund ( click to https://pdjf.org/ ), which supports some 60 former jockeys who suffered catastrophic, career-ending injuries.

The Golden Altar Reviews

“I couldn’t put this book down once I began reading it, and I doubt you’ll able to put it down, either, once you start turning the pages. THE GOLDEN ALTAR definitely belongs in the winner’s circle of horse racing’s finest works.”
(Former racing writer Jay Richards)

“This is a great read – hard to put down! The race descriptions are so vivid, you can almost put yourself on the back of the horse.”
(Richard Love)

“I began reading your book last evening. I couldn’t put it down until I finished, which was just a few minutes ago. I just wanted to share with you how much I enjoyed it!!! The Golden Altar is another Winner.”
(Peggy K Goetsch)


Doctrines of Demons

The New Age Dawns

by Eddie Donnally

A “fallen pastor” battles fallen angels. At stake are his reputation, sanity and far worse, innocents sacrificed in a rite that will return the demonic flying locust of Revelation and dawn the New Age of global mayhem.

When Casey Carl’s midnight exorcism becomes a rape charge and police find kiddie porn on his computer, the small-time LA pastor sees his ministry disintegrate.

Seeking answers, he and pretty Times reporter Haley Woodhouse explore the city’s satanic scene and encounter theistic Satanists obsessed with UFOs. Their paranormal attacks threaten his life, scorch his soul and ransack his sanity. Yet the former Heroin addict and lonely widower’s biggest threats are relapse and acting on his growing desire for the reporter. And is she really on his side?

Can this unlikely demon fighter win a battle with the prophesied Moonchild, a modern day warlock with superhuman powers and extraterrestrial connections? For the pastor, dying is acceptable. Dying in disgrace is not.

Defrocked and defeated, dare he invade their lair, try to save those he loves from agonizing death and halt the mass human sacrifice that will allow Revelation’s flying locust demons to descend to earth and dawn the new age of global mayhem.

Doctrines of Demons front cover
Doctrines of Demons Reviews

Ed Donnally is a phenomenal writer. Hopefully, it’s coming to a theater near you in the future to enjoy with a big bucket of popcorn. “Doctrines of Demons” is the story of a battle that is Apocalyptic on a macro level, but on a micro level, it’s a personal battle between the spirit and the flesh.

Movie Producer, Richard A Rossi

It took awhile for me to sit down and read this book, but once I did, I gulped it down within 2 days, being irritated any time I had to stop. (It) is written well enough that it developed a wonderful suspense/thriller movie in my thoughts. A movie in which I didn’t want to hit the pause button!  I’d recommend this to anyone. Christian or not, you’ll enjoy yourself with this one.

Writer Brian Reynolds

A dark, gritty, supernatural thriller that tackles some heavy issues like drug addiction, prostitution, and abuse without shying into ambiguity. Clearly, Donnally handled the creation of his fallen pastor with deft purpose. It is remarkably easy to get swept up in Casey’s plight. Donnally knows how to bring his characters to life, and his skill of inserting real-life issues into fiction is undeniable. Though the book is heavily laden with ideas rooted in the Christian faith, it could very well be appealing as a cross-genre book for those interested in the idea of spiritual warfare Doctrines of Demons should appeal to eschatological Christians and paranormal readers alike. 

Self-Publishing Review 

The book’s great strength was its character developments–all the main players on both sides were 3D and believable. . . The unexpected romance was tastefully explored, as was the growth of spiritual strength.

Gary Parker

I must say that it was a spell binder. The book posits that there are demons among us, ruled by an ancient dark power. I loved the characters who emerged, grew, and changed. There were sparks of humor periodically that momentarily broke the tension. The ending is intriguing, leaving me wanting to know where these characters go from here.

Joyce Leigh

An exciting read about biblical prophecy as told through a story with characters as a work of fiction. Eddie keeps the reader going back to scripture and relating to events foretold that are happening as we speak. Eddie writes a great read…Spent many an hour reading this tale of bible prophecy spun into a story of fiction. Enjoy!

Edward W. Steinmuelle


Ride the White Horse

A Checkered Jockey’s Story of Racing, Rage & Redemption

by Eddie Donnally

Eddie Donnally dives onto the Florida Downs muddy track to celebrate the end of a season without injury. Yet diving into horse racing’s mud is symbolic of his 19-year jockey career until the Shekinah Glory lit up his jail cell.

An electric jockey with a juice machine, Eddie Donnally rode on racing’s undercard, lived inside its underbelly and became a part of its underworld. From constant Bulimia, broken bones and betrayal of Boston’s infamous Winter Hill Gang, he depicts an unseen side of Thoroughbred racing. The five tons of sweat that disappeared down “hot box” drains was nothing compared to his struggles with sibling sexual trauma, same-sex promiscuity, and an addiction to crack cocaine that in seven months took him from newspaper writing and TV show hosting to “rubbing horses” on the backstretch. Superhuman redemption came in a jail cell and after 23 years of Christian ministry, he is a hospice and hospital chaplain.

Ride The white Horse Front cover
Ride the White Horse Reviews

Eddie can flat out write. He relates a wrenching, no-holds-barred tale with the masterful stroke of one entirely at ease with words.

~~Mary Simon: Daily Racing Form.

. . . a powerful and attention-grabbing story.

~~Indie Reader

This is a raw and gripping story shared from the heart and it will keep you mesmerized to the end.

~~Lisa Perry

A fallen jockey’s raw ride to redemption; beautifully written and straight from the heart.

~~Sasscer Hill: The Sea Horse Trade.

WOW!! Although I have never been on a racehorse, I felt like I just got off one when I finished this book.

~Jill Eden

I promise you this — once you start reading “Ride The White Horse,” you won’t be able to put it down until you’ve finished. I’ll give you a “sure thing” — this book is a WINNER!

~Jay Richards

Eddie Donnally takes his readers on the ride of a lifetime in his autobiography. The book left me gasping for air. 

~Southern cats ltdn

What a great piece of writing. I enjoyed reading this story of a man who lost his way in the fast-paced world of horse racing only to find his peace in a jail cell.

~Edward Steinmueller

Whether you have a personal faith in Christ or not, you’ll find this a great read.

~Brian Greener

“Years ago, Eddie Donnally and I shared a prestigious turf-writing award. Now Eddie’s sharing a riveting, brass-knuckles story that not even some of his closest friends knew. Hollywood, pay attention. And don’t worry about the inspirational happy ending getting in the way.”

~~Bill Christine: Eclipse Award-winning former writer for the Los Angeles Times

“Ride the White Horse” is enormously entertaining. It is a well-written treatment of a fascinating subject, touching on all the highs and not avoiding any of the lows. Eddie Donnally is clearly a man who can talk the talk. That’s because he has definitely walked the walk.

~~W. Cotran, “Cot” Campbell: President Dogwood Stables, Thoroughbred racing partnership pioneer and author of, “Memoirs of a Longshot, Lightning in a Bottle,” and “Rascals and Racehorses.”

“Your inspirational story should be a must read for those who are suffering from some form of addiction and believe salvation is impossible.” 

~~Dan Mearns: Former Managing Editor, Blood-Horse Magazine and Thoroughbred Times and author of,” Seattle Slew, Racing’s Only Undefeated Triple Crown Winner.”

Donnally depicts a dark and sometimes frightening journey that leads ultimately to an affirmation of life.

~~Paul Moran: Former journalist for Newsday and two-time winner of the Eclipse Award for newspaper writing.